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Themes: resilience, adaptation, water-energy-food security nexus, governance, rivers, irrigation, groundwater, reuse, hydropower. Focus: India, Nepal, Mex., Latin Am., Ariz. Recruiting hybrid phys.-human students, multi-lingual.
$: NSF, IAI Inter-Amer Inst, NOAA, Interior, foundations... CV [pdf]: 20+ yrs in India, Mexico with NGOs.

Areas of Study

Rgions of interest:

  • Arid Americas
  • Andes
  • Himalayas
  • Indo-Gangetic Plain
  • Southwest U.S.


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Contact Information

Christopher Scott
Professor, Geography & Development, and Udall Center for Studies in Public Policy; Distinguished Scholar, University of Arizona 1885 Society
Telephone: (520) 621-1652
Office: Harvill #410 or Udall Center


PhD, Cornell University, 1998

MS, Cornell University, 1991

BA and BS, Swarthmore College, 1985

Courses Taught

Water-Energy Nexus (Water Management & Policy), GEOG 596J [Syllabus]

Adaptation & Resilience in Water Resource Systems, GEOG 696O [Syllabus]

Water, Environment, and Society, GEOG 304 [Syllabus]

Adaptive Water Management in Agriculture (Water Resources Geography), GEOG 696J [Syllabus]

Water Resource Assessment, GEOG 469/569 [Syllabus]