CLAG 2023 Field Trips

Sonoran Desert Hike

Friday, January 6

Hike: 2pm - 4pm; Optional happy hour afterwards

Capacity: limited - first come, first served; spouses/partners welcome.

Cost per person: $25

Description: Led by members of the School of Geography, Development, and Environment at the University of Arizona, this afternoon field trip will consist of a low-impact, accessible hike in the Saguaro National Park West. The hike will highlight the region’s unique ecology and landscape, including a brief stop at the famed Gates Pass overlook. The trip will also include a visit to the park’s visitor center, where they can learn about the history of the Sonoran Desert, saguaros, and the region’s Indigenous peoples. After the hike, participants have the option to join their guides for happy hour and snacks (location TBD).


Urban Tucson, Historic Barrio, & San Xavier Mission

Friday, January 6; 12:30pm - 5pm

Capacity: limited - first come, first served; spouses/partners welcome.

Cost per person: $30  

Description: Led by renowned Tucson preservation architect and UA School of Architecture faculty Robert Vint, this afternoon field trip will take us through historic Barrio Viejo with some of the city’s most intact Sonoran adobe architecture, through downtown Tucson, including a stop at Southside Presbyterian Church where the Sanctuary Movement began. We will proceed to the Tohono O'odham Nation for an historical/art-historical tour of the National Historic Landmark Mission San Xavier del Bac. Many geographical cross-currents are to be found here of both the legacy of the Spanish Colonial project and the perseverance of the Desert People, the Tohono O'odham. We will stop for a relaxing & delicious Sonoran-style lunch (pay your own) along the way.  


U.S.-México Border, Nogales, AZ, & Tumacácori Mission

Saturday, January 7; 9am - 5pm 

Includes a stop for lunch

Capacity: limited - first come, first served; spouses/partners welcome

Cost per person (includes lunch): $75

Description: Led by Alex La Pierre of Borderlandia, an organization that specializes in binational environmental, historical, and cultural educational tours. The trip will include a visit to Tumacácori National Historical Park. The park protects one of the most special places in Arizona for understanding the state's vibrant natural and cultural landscapes. The visit to Tumacácori will include the convent garden, mission complex ruins, and a discussion of the Indigenous and Spanish colonial history of the region. This stop also includes a visit to the Kino Heritage Fruit Tree Orchard and a short hike (¼ mile) through shaded mesquite bosque and endangered cottonwood-willow gallery forest, as well as a visit to the Santa Cruz River.

Next, participants will visit Nogales, a binational city at the US-Mexico border. This walking tour of Nogales is divided into different districts, each with its own interpretive themes, such as the city’s history and local murals. There are approximately 2 miles of walking, including some grades of hills. In addition, participants will learn about contemporary border issues by visiting the US-Mexico border wall. The cost of the tour includes a stop for lunch in Nogales. Please note – all activities will remain on the US side of the border.