Amanda Hixon

Expect nothing, and live frugally on surprise. This is one of my many life mantras. I would say that it is a culmination of many unexpected twists and turns in life that has brought me to this MDP program. I lived in Tucson until I was ten years old, and never thought I would be coming back here. I first started my undergraduate career at New York University on September 9th, 2001. Yikes! What a shocker! After a year at NYU and a semester in Prague, I transferred to University of Colorado and obtained a BA in Environmental Studies, with a 1.5 year volunteer mission in Spain in the middle. Also during undergrad, I did a summer program in Brazil and a thesis regarding cattle and deforestation of the Amazon. Next I WWOOFed in the U.S. while riding my motorcycle all over the West, then got married, and WWOOFed in New Zealand. I worked a number of summers as a National High School Crew Leader for Student Conservation Association doing backcountry trail work with high school volunteers. In the meantime I also co-ran a 130 acre farm of my parents, founded and operated a local farm-to-table ice cream and frozen dessert business, had a little boy, and obtained a Graduate Certificate in Sustainable Agriculture. When I got divorced I reassessed what to do next in life and found this program, as I have been interested in the interconnectivities of food/people/and the environment for a long time. I also recently finished a Master of Education degree with a teaching certificate in secondary education social studies from the University of Idaho. Now I am here in Tucson with my 4 and a half year old, who is the star of my life. Cheers!


Tucson, Arizona


University of Colorado and University of Idaho

Degree or Program: 

BA in Environmental Studies and Master of Education

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