Amel Lebatt

Originally from Mauritania, West Africa, I earned a licence (equivalent to a bachelor's degree in the French education system) in Private Law from the University of Nouakchott. Apart from my academic achievement, what I can say about myself is that I am both an introvert and extrovert, which I attribute to my extensive travel experience. When arriving in a new place, I am at first disoriented and introverted, but when I finally become comfortable in a new setting, I become confident and extroverted.

In terms of what I hope to accomplish through the Arizona MDP, I can think of countless problems that I would love to solve. Admittedly, I have this very simple and utopian vision of the world that we can change it and make it a better place. Perhaps it is a delusional idea to some, but I believe that if I can help one person, then I have made a worthwhile contribution.

A couple of years ago, a fellow African young leader from Senegal told us a story that supports my vision of changing the world:

There was once a fire in the jungle, and the animals panicked instead of responding to it. Then, a little humming bird started collecting water in its mouth from the lake, carrying water back and fourth from the lake and dropping it on the fire . The other animals made fun of him: 
"Look at him! Does he really think he can actually manage the fire using tiny drops of water from his small mouth?" 
Moral of the story: the humming bird did its part and if everyone had followed suit and done theirs, the fire would have been extinguished. 
I have the strong conviction that tolerance and inclusion are the key to everything. 


Nouakchott, Mauritania


University of Nouakchott

Degree or Program: 

Bachelor's in Private Law

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