Spring 2018 SGD Colloquium

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Speaker Series Spring 2018

Friday Colloquia meet from 3:30 to 4:45 in ENR2 Building, Room S107. The series brings prominent scholars and professionals from across a range of perspectives, including human geography, spatial analytic methods, regional science, physical geography, and human-environment research.

Coffee, tea, and snacks are served starting at 3PM.

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Jan. 12

Alan Robock

Climatic and Humanitarian Impacts of Nuclear WAr

Jan. 19

Bethany Coulthard

From Community to Continent: How Tree Rings are Preparing the West for Dwindling Snowpacks

Jan. 26

Rashad Shabazz

The Geography of the Minneapolis Sound

Feb. 2

Karl Zimmerer

New Spaces of Dystopia and Sustainability: Transforming the Geographic Dynamics of Biodiversity Use and Social Access in Food Systems Amid Global Change

Feb. 9

Katharine K. Wilkinson

Drawdown: A Blueprint for Reversing Global Change

Feb. 16

David Yetman

MY ARIZONA LECTURE: Some Landmarks of Southern Arizona and What They Mean, or What I Think They Mean

Feb. 23

Laura Pulido

SAGA LECTURE: Landscapes of Foundational Racial Violence

Mar. 2

Laura Bakkensen

Flood Risk Belief Heterogeneity and Coastal Home Price Dynamics: Going Under Water?

Mar. 16

Dydia DeLyser

The Devotions of Restoration: Materiality, Enthusiasm, and Making Three 'Indian Motocycles' Like New

Mar. 23



Mar. 30

Matthew Dannenberg

Ocean-Atmosphere Influence on North American Ecosystems: Patterns and Predictability

Apr. 6

Jennifer Hyndman JAN MONK LECTURE: 'Solutions' and Refugee Subjectivity: A Feminist Approach

Apr. 20

Steve Sesnie

Spatial and Temporal Patterns of Forest Loss Related to Cocaine Trafficking in Central America

Apr. 27 Matthew Taylor The Slow(est) Professor: A Decade of Community-Based Water Research Along Nicaragua's Pacific Coast


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