Degree Requirements and Courses Overview

Over the course of 22 months students complete 48 credits of development-focused coursework. Students take required core courses with their cohort the first year, then a combination of cohort and electives the second year. Adopting an interdisciplinary approach to development studies, students must take the following:


Required Core Courses - Students are required to take courses in the follow four areas for a total of 27 credits. 

Social Sciences (9 credits) DVP 601 Principles of Social Science for Development (Fall, year 1) and DVP 602 The Role of Culture in Sustainable Development (Fall, year 1); AREC 512 Economic Policy in Developing Countries (year 2).

Natural Sciences (6 credits) DVP 620 Introductino to Natural Systems (Fall, year 1) and your choice

Health Sciences (6 credits) your choice (recommended course for year 1 is HPS 533 Global Health).

Development Management (6 credits) DVP 630 Essential Management Principles for Development and your choice (recommend course for year 1 is PA 582 Managing to Collaborate on Environmental and Natural Resource Conflicts).


Additionally, students are required to take 12 credits of Integrative course work, which include: 

DVP 600 Foundations of Development/ Boot Camp (1 credit)

DVP 640 Methods in Development Practice (3 credits)

DVP 642A Cross-cohort professional development seminar (1 credits) (take in years 1 and 2)

DVP 697B Field Practicum Analysis and Professional Development (1 credit) (fall year 2)

Summer Field Practicum (2-6 credits)

DVP 909 Master's Report (3 credits) (spring of year 2)


Along wtih Integrative course work and courses in the Core curriculum, studenst may take 3 elective courses (9 credits) in the student's chosen area of specialization. Students should consult with their advisor when choosing from a list of approved electives, and be prepared to justify a course outside of that approved list.


Recommended courses to take during the first year: 

Statistical analysis (e.g. AREC 548, SOC 570a) (3 credits)

PA 552 Statistical Decision Making. MDP students in the past have recommended this highly. We strongly recommend that you have a strong base in statistics to be able to succeed in other classes; this is a good graduate-level class that is not too advanced and therefore might be good to take in the first semester to refresh your statistical skills.



Students may consult this suggested list of electives or discuss other course options with their advisors.