Degree Requirements and Courses Overview

Over the course of 22 months students complete 47 credits of development-focused coursework. Students take required core courses with their cohort the first year, then a combination of cohort and electives the second year. Adopting an interdisciplinary approach to development studies, students must take the following:


Minimum 6 credits Social Science courses

Minimum 6 credits Natural Science courses

Minimum 6 credits Development Management courses

Minimum 6 credits Health Sciences courses

The remaining courses can be chosen from a list of electives (see link below).  


Year 1

Required core courses: 

Boot Camp: DVP 600 (1 credit)

Principals of Social Science for Development: DVP 601 (3 credits)

The Role of Culture in Sustainable Development: DVP 602 (3 credits)

Intro to Natural Systems: DVP 620 (3 credits)

Essential Management Principles: DVP 630 (3 credits)

Methods in Development Practice: DVP 640 (3 credits)

Cross-cohort professional development seminar: DVP 642A (1 credit)


Recommended courses to take during the first year: 

Statistical analysis (e.g. AREC 548, SOC 570a) (3 credits)

Intro to Global Health and Development: CPH 533 (3 credits)

Managing to Collaborate on Environmental and Natural Resources Conflicts: PA 582 (3 credits)




Summer Practicum (2 credits)


Year 2

Required core courses: 

Cross-cohort professional development seminar: DVP 642A (1 credit)

Master’s Report: DVP 909 (3 credits)


Students may consult this suggested list of electives or discuss other course options with their advisors.