Program Curriculum


Health Sciences
Introduction to Global Health and Development (3 Credits) 
Global Health and Nutrition: Case Studies and Community Responses (3 Credits)

Social Sciences
Development Boot Camp (3 Credits)
Principles of Social Science for Development (3 Credits)
The Role of Culture in Sustainable Development (3 Credits)
Macro and Micro-economic Tools for Development Practice (3 Credits)

Natural Sciences
Introduction to Natural Systems (3 Credits)
Natural Resources Management: Applications (3 Credits)

Essential Management Principles for Development (3 Credits)
Analytical Methods for Managing Sustainable Development Practice (3 Credits)

Methods in Development Practice (3 Credits)
Global Classroom: Integrated Approaches to Sustainable Development Practice  (3 Credits)
Cross-Cohort Thesis Workshop (6 Credits)
Field Practicum (6 Credits)

Elective (choose One of the tracks listed)
Health Sciences Electives (10 Credits)
Social Science Electives (10 Credits)
Natural Science Electives (10 Credits)

Total units                         58
Core Competency Areas:     30
Methods:                              3
Global Classroom:                 3
Thematic Track:                   10
Field Practicum:                    6
Cross-Cohort Workshop:        6