The Southern Arizona Geographers Association (SAGA) is the graduate student organization in the UA School of Geography and Development (SGD).

SAGA provides a social forum to integrate graduate students and develop social and professional networks. We organize SGD graduate student events such as kickball in the park and hiking trips. We also facilitate professional development by connecting students with University resources to find research funding or help with proposal writing. SAGA provides the primary liaison between SGD graduate students and faculty. Student representatives from SAGA attend faculty meetings and report back to the group. The SGD Chair and Director of Graduate Studies attend a SAGA meeting each semester to update students on departmental events and news.

SAGA provides a forum to discuss issues facing graduate students. This can range from questions about departmental protocols, to seeking advice on how to handle a sensitive issue with a professor, advisor, or student. We are also involved in a campus-wide movement to unionize graduate RAs and TAs.

Finally, SAGA organizes and co-sponsors one SGD colloquium presentation each year. The SAGA Speaker is an academic or activist of wide-recognition whose work is of particular interest to graduate students.