UA Community and School Garden Program

The UA Community and School Garden Program is an internship-based course centered in the School of Geography and Development. The course provides the opportunity for motivated and self-directed UA students to participate in the growing school garden movement. School gardens are innovative and powerful educational tools for exploring local ecologies, nutrition, the culture and politics of food, and practical life skills not limited to horticulture.

Students are trained by staff from the Community Food Bank Food Resource Center School Gardening Program and supervised by a field coordinator and faculty member to assist a Tucson school with a garden and gardening education or to support a community garden in one of Tucson's neighborhoods. Students are eligible for internship credit that can range from 2-6 units. Each unit of credit represents 50 hours a semester of involvement which translates into about 3 hours of internship per week.  The internship is listed as GEOG 497F or 597F (also crosslisted as SWES 497G/597F, TTE 497F/597F, LAS 497F/597F, PLS 497F/597F, STCH 497F/597F). The internship includes the opportunity to engage with students, teachers, and community members around the design and maintenance of a garden as well as weekly class meetings around garden-related readings, videos, films, and group discussion. A two semester commitment is strongly suggested, but not required.