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Donation opportunities

We work very hard to support our students, secure research grants, and connect to the community.  We are always grateful for any contribution to support deserving students, invest in faculty research, encourage our outreach activities, or fund fieldwork and internships. We have a number of initiatives and needs across the School of Geography and Development that we hope you might find deserving of support.  

*Please note we recently renamed some of the foundation accounts to more directly reflect their purpose. 

SGD Development Innovation Fund (formerly the Ptolemy Development Fund and Geography Alumni Fund): Your donation will be used to provide SGD with general funds for overall unit development, strategic investments and outreach activities as identified by the Director of the School and the Development Committee

SGD Undergraduate Student Research and Travel Fund (formerly known as the Strabo student research fund):  Your donation to this fund will support undergraduate student research and professional travel (to conferences, field work etc) for all undergraduate programs (Urban and Regional Development, Geography, Environmental Studies) as selected by the SGD undergraduate committee. 

SGD Graduate Student Research and Travel Fund: Fund to support Masters and PhD students in Geography for research and field trips to off-campus locations and graduate student attendance at conferences. Applications reviewed by the SGD graduate committee. 

SGD Faculty Research Fund (formerly the Von Humboldt Faculty Research Fund) : Your donation to this fund will support individual SGD faculty with seed money to initiate and expand research projects with applications reviewed by the Director and the Development Committee. 

SGD Technology Fund (formerly know as the Varenius Technology and Infrastructure FundYour donation to this fund will contribute to the purchase and upgrade of technology for teaching and research as identified by the Director and the SGD Technology committee.  

SGD Colloquium and Event Fund:  Your donation to this fund will support the School's Friday colloquium series and related events including the annual My Arizona lecture

Master's in Development Practice : The MDP program brings together talented students and faculty who have dedicated themselves to addressing the challenges of global poverty and defining new approaches to enhancing well-being for the under-resourced and socially excluded. The Arizona MDP program emphasizes holistic, social justice-based approaches to pressing development challenges and prioritizes context-specific solutions. Your donation to this foundation fund will support an individual MDP student conducting their summer practicum. Find out more about the MDP.

MS-GIST program fund Funds to be used for program development, emergency or strategic purchases, and general use; support GIST student activities (travel, research, program events, extracurricular); and provide funds to purchase and upgrade technology related to GIST teaching and research infrastructure. The School offers a fully online BS-GIST, MS-GIST, and post graduate professional certificate in GIST as well as an in-person MS-GIST degree. These programs integrate GIScience, cutting-edge GISystems, and geospatial technology, with management skills for use in government, corporate, non-profit, and academic settings. Find out more about GIST

Cross-cutting initiatives and special projects

Future Geographies: SGD prepares students for a rapidly changing world in which technology, economic and political institutions and activism, and social relations are creating new opportunities and risks.  Our research offers insights into the future of land use, cities, economies, and food systems, and the roles of politics, government, business, and civil society in decisions that determine these futures. These insights provide a basis for informed citizens and successful entrepreneurs, resource managers, planners, and other decision makers. Find out more about Future Geographies and SGD.

Environment and Social Justice: SGD has a central interest and expertise in addressing the challenges of environmental and social justice in our community, country, and the world.  A geographic perspective focuses on understanding spatial patterns of social, economic and environmental inequality and on the connections, policies, institutions and behaviors that reinforce or reduce them.  Our particular skills and teaching expertise include the use of geographic information science and mapping; the integration of insights from social science, physical science, and the humanities; the use of multiple methods of research ranging from interviews to statistical analysis, computer models and satellite imagery; attention to differences within society including the experiences of women and diverse populations; and an ability to connect global processes and their local manifestations across a changing world. Find out more about some of our work in Environment and Social Justice.   

Specific engagement and research projects

Community and School Garden Program: is hosted in the School of Geography and Development and is aimed at connecting Tucson educators with university students eager to participate in the school garden movement occurring throughout the country.  The CSGP matches university student interns with Tucson community organizations and schools to support the installation, development and maintenance of a garden program. Find out more about CSGP.

For additional information, or to discuss your investment in the School of Geography and Development, please contact us.