SGD Colloquium: "From Bikes to Bears: Applied Spatial Data Science" by Dr. Trisalyn Nelson


Fri, 10/28/2016 - 15:30

Many pressing questions require characterization of change over space and through time. New spatial technologies (e.g., satellites, GPS, and Google Maps) are providing opportunities to investigate spatial-temporal processes, but new data science methods are required to convert the growing amount of data into knowledge. Trisalyn Nelson will discuss developments her team has made to spatial and spatial-temporal analyses by demonstrating research on grizzly bears and cycling.

Bio: Trisalyn Nelson's research develops and uses spatial and spatial-temporal analyses to address applied questions in a wide range of fields from ecology to health. Currently, her research focuses on two areas: wildlife movement and active transportation. Her research team is developing new GIScience approaches to quantifying movement, particularly from wildlife telemetry data, and applying methods to better understand conservation strategies for grizzly bears. Most recently, Nelson has led the creation of, a web-map and App to gather volunteered geographic information on cycling collisions and near misses. Nelson's research team uses and other crowdsourced data to quantify and monitor patterns of urban cycling safety and ridership.

ENR2 Building, Room S107

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