SGD Colloquium-Dr. Francois-Michel Le Tourneau


Fri, 10/06/2017 - 15:30

From the Amazon to Arizona: The Geography of America's Wide Empty Spaces

Dr. François-Michel Le Tourneau
French National Center for Scientific Research

Abstract: The Amazon and the American West, contrary to what one would expect, share a number of common characteristics. Both have been or are frontiers in sense of Turner. Both are still sparsely populated areas. Both are places where Native populations still hold a significant proportion of the land. Finally, both are places where space management is an important issue nowadays, especially as far as the repartitions between areas designated for environmental preservation and areas where natural resources may be exploited is concerned. The aim of the talk will be to present how the comparison between both regions yields interesting clues about the management and governance of sparsely populated areas in the Americas. Additionally, the talk will present the iGLOBES research center, a joint research unit between UA and the French National Center for Scientific Research, and the possibilities offered by this French/US cooperation device.
Bio: François-Michel Le Tourneau is a geographer, senior research fellow at the French National Center for Scientific Research and a specialist of the Brazilian Amazon where he has been conducting research for almost 20 years. His work focuses especially on fieldwork with traditional populations of Brazil and on the organization of expeditions in remote parts of the Amazon. He is the author of several books (Les Yanomami du Brésil; Jari, géohistoire d’un grand fleuve amazonien) as well as more than a hundred papers in major scientific journals.

Friday, October 6th at 3:30pm
Refreshments starting at 3:00pm
ENR2 Building, Room S107


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