What are the application fees?

The application fee for degree-seeking domestic applications is $85, international applications are $95, and domestic, non-degree seeking applications is $45.

Application fee waivers are not available. On exception is for students who are already affiliated with certain specific funders; during the application process, you will see a drop-down menu and can check there whether you may be eligible. 

How much does the program cost and where can I find more information on fees and tuition?

The Arizona MDP program is one of the most cost-effective MDP programs in the United States. For the latest information on fees, tuition and other associated costs, please the Graduate College Costs and Fees page.

What does the program fee go toward?

The program fee goes toward funding professional development opportunities and activities for students (conference attendance, guest speakers); support for student summer field practicum expences; membership in the Global MDP network; dedicated administrative support and advising for students; and financial support for students in the form of need and merit based scholarships. 

Do I need to take the GRE?


I am an international student; do I need to take an English language exam?

Proof of English proficiency is required for any international applicant from a country where English is not the official language. Exemptions may apply to applicants who have compelted a bachelor's or master's degree at an institution where English is the language of instruction. 

Acceptable English Proficiency tests are:

Test of English as a Foreign Language (link is external) (TOEFL) - minimum score of 79 iBT or 550 PBT

International English Language Testing System (link is external) (IELTS) - minimum composite score of 7, with no subject area below a 6

Pearson PTE Academic (link is external) - minimum score of 60

Does the MDP offer teaching or research assistantships?

We do not offer them, however some students are able to arrange their own.  Most of these are on a semester to semester basis and so there is not a guarantee that if you were able to secure one for the first semester you would have it for the entire year.  Also, there is summer tuition and costs associated with the summer practicum and there are no assistantships available for that time. We can also help you find scholarships and fellowships that might help finance your education in the program.

Do I need a background in statistics?

It is highly recommended that you have taken a basic statistics course. If you have not, you should consider taking an introductory statistics course (at the undergraduate level) before starting the program.  This can be done through your current university, through a community college or through an online course.  You will take classes that assume you have this background.

How many units is the MDP program?

The program requires 48 units over 2 years.  This means students are taking 3-5 classes per semester. 

Can I take elective courses?

Beyond core courses, students may enroll in electives. It is recommended to take elective units across the areas of Natural Resources, Global Health, Social Sciences, and Management so as to maintain a balance of the program areas. Electives are taken with permission of your adviser but generally can be any course you qualify to take (e.g., for which you meet any pre-requisites) and will further skills necessary for your chosen specialty.

Can I complete the MDP program online?

No, although some elective courses may be offered online. Most classes however will be in-person.

How do I find a summer practicum?

Each student will work with his or her adviser to secure a summer practicum.  We have agreements with several organizations who will have openings for students who meet their requirements.  Many students try to find a practicum that matches the type of organization they eventually hope to work with.

Are summer practicums funded?

The host organization in many cases pays for room and board.  Some students have been able to negotiate stipends and airfare; however these are on a case by case basis.  Students are strongly encouraged to apply for grants when applicable. Some students apply for paid internships that meet the practicum requirement.