Field Experience


MDP Class of 2015 Final Projects (Based on Summer Practicum)


MDP Student

Project Description

Economics & Development Entrepreneurship



Refugee Income Inclusion: From Humanitarian Aid to Economic Self-Sufficiency

Mursal Ali

A framework to: (1) develop a strategy to help camp refugees shift from humanitarian aid-dependency to economic self-sufficiency; (2) recommend guidelines for creating an economy within a camp setting and improving existing livelihood intervention; and (3) conceptualize a livelihood intervention model that prepares refugees for repatriation.

Evaluating the Impact of Entrepreneurial Education on Poverty + Well-Being among 18-30 Year Olds in Benin

Brittany John


Gender & Development



Undoing Internalized Oppression: Addressing gender and development disparities through formal education systems

Kara M. Luebbering

A review of the current education conditions in rural Nicaragua that examines which components of schooling actively prepare students to autonomously engage in their own development and to what extent schooling addresses gender inequalities.

Report on Social and Gender Analysis Key Findings: Barotse Hub, Western Province, Zambia

Benjamin Dierksmeier

The purpose of the CGIAR Research Program on Aquatic Agricultural Systems (AAS) focal community profiles is to provide basic descriptions of initial conditions in each community where AAS works in the Barotse Floodplain (the Barotse Hub) in Zambia’s Western Province. 

Migration & Human Displacement



Organized Insecurity and migrant experiences: Structural Violence, and the Construction of Spaces of Manipulation of Central American Migrants in Southern Mexico

Ian Thomas Philabaum


"I risk everything because I have already lost everything" Las Mujeres Luchadoras: Central American females speak out on the migrant trail in Oaxaca, Mexico

Leigh Anne Schmidt


Child Protection in the Wider Black Sea Region: Implementation of a Child Protection Index

Scott Couch


Global Health & Development



Soil-transmitted Helminth Infections in the Developing World: Addressing the Socio-Environmental Roots of Disease

Kseniya Efremova


Agriculture & the Environment



Hydrological impacts of land use/land cover change and options for Best Management Practices. Case studies: two Micro-catchments in Thailand and Vietnam

Phouthamaly Sengphaathith

Case studies of two micro-catchments in Thailand and Vietnam. The final report examines how changes in land use/land cover impact the hydrology of two upland micro-catchments and options for Best Management Practices to mitigate the impacts. 

Climate Services and Vulnerability: Challenges of Jamaican Farmers

Matt Albrecht



REDD+ and Fuelwood Use: Policy Implications of Informal Market Energy Demands

Natalie Lucas

Lombok, Indonesia has been experiencing high rates of deforestation and forest degradation, and a primary contributor to that is fuelwood use in informal markets. This paper reviews the need to further consider how to collect information from informal fuelwood markets in order to make policy decisions that reflect people’s needs.

Permaculture Design Systems for Refugee Camps: Building resilience and community in areas of resource scarcity

Chantel M. Welch

An analysis of the current state of refugee camps, and the potential for incorporating permaculture design principles to overcome resource scarcity and to rebuild community