Genét Klasek

Since she was a teen, Genet has been part of the social justice activism community. Prior to her undergraduate degree she held a career in social services in the areas of sexual and domestic violence, teen homelessness, and community organizing. Genet, a non-traditional student, became interested in international relations and the Middle East while studying political science. Genet moved to Tucson in 2012 to finish her political science degree at the University of Arizona where she also minored in Arabic. Genet has a deep interest in human rights and sustainability and hopes to hold a career in collaborative governance. Since living in Tucson she ran the family mentor program at The International Rescue Committee where she was able to work hands on with newly arrived refugee families. Genet currently works in craft beer, manages a local raw denim designer, and raises two boys. If there is a free moment Genet enjoys all forms of dancing, skateboarding, and being outdoors. 


Kirkland, Washington


University of Arizona

Degree or Program: 

Political Science (BA)

Practicum partner: 



Youth Decision Making in Agricultural Adaptations to Climate Change An Analysis in East Africa

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