Grants and Scholarships

Awards, Grants and Scholarships

There are numerous awards, grants and scholarships available, not only to recognize excellent student presentations and defray some of the costs of attending the Tucson meeting, but also to facilitate graduate research. Please check out the APCG Grants webpage for complete information about grants and scholarships. If you are a faculty member, please encourage your students to apply. If you are a student, be sure to apply for one or more of these scholarships, and enter the paper/poster competition!

Below is a brief description of existing opportunities; however, please check out the above website for any alterations, additional announcements, requirements, or changed deadlines. We look forward to seeing you in Tucson.

Free Banquet for Student Presenters

In order to encourage student attendance at the Banquet, Bill and Marilyn Bowen will pay for the meal of students who are the 'first presenter' on their presentation or poster given at the meeting and who attend the banquet.  Note: this offer is for those students whose meal is not already paid for by another group and who are the first and main presenter, not second or third author.  To take advantage of this opportunity you will need to pay for the banquet in advance when you register, and will be reimbursed at the banquet.  

Student Presentation Award Competitions

Application Deadlines: August 31 (Short Abstract Due) and September 5 (Long Abstract)

Students make up a significant portion of the paper and poster presentations at our annual meetings. Students benefit by presenting to a diverse audience and receiving expert feedback on their research. To encourage participation and to recognize and reward student scholarship, the APCG annually presents nine awards:

1) Tom McKnight and Joan Clemens Award for an Outstanding Student Paper, $500
2) President’s Award for Outstanding Paper by a Ph.D. Student, $200
3) President’s Award for Outstanding Paper by a Master’s Student, $200
4) President’s Award for Outstanding Paper by an Undergraduate Student, $200
5) Harry and Shirley Bailey Award for Outstanding Paper in Physical Geography, $200
6) Tom McKnight and Joan Clemens Award for Excellence in Area Studies, $200
7) President’s Award for Outstanding Poster Presentation, $200
8) Christopherson Geosystems Award for Best Applied Geography/Earth Systems Undergraduate Student Paper, $500
9) Christopherson Geosystems Award for Best Applied Geography/Earth Systems Graduate Student Paper, $500

The awards are open to undergraduate and graduate students who are APCG members. (If you are not yet a member, registering for the meeting as a student non-member will automatically make you a member of APCG.) Papers and posters may be co-authored if all authors are students, and the paper or poster must be presented at the annual meeting. Evaluation will be based on both the extended abstract and the presentation. The APCG Awards Committee will choose winners.

Applicants need to do the following:

1) Submit a short abstract to the conference coordinators in Tucson, AZ. You will submit your abstracts online via the ‘Abstract’ tab on the APCG 2014 Tucson homepage. When completing the required information, be sure to indicate that you are entering the ‘student award competition.’ Short Abstract Deadline: August 31, 2014.

2) Submit an extended abstract (1,250 word or less), along with a student paper and poster competition application form, to Greg Bohr at Extended Abstract Deadline: September 5, 2014.

Extended abstracts and application forms are required for both paper and poster entries.

Travel Grants

Travel Awards for Student Presenters: ($50-$200)

Application Deadline September 5, 2014

To encourage student participation in the annual meeting, the APCG will commit $4,000 to travel grants of $200 each (except for students from the local area, who are eligible to receive travel grants of $50). If grant applications exceed the $4,000 total, recipients will be selected by a random lottery.

To apply:

1) You must be an APCG member (registering for the meeting as a non-member will make you one, if you are not already)

2) You must present a paper or poster at the Tucson meeting.

You do not need to be entered into the paper/poster competition, however, to be eligible for a travel grant (application form). Travel grant applications can be emailed, mailed, or faxed to Greg Bohr, Recipients will be notified by September 9, 2014, and will be awarded grant checks at the annual awards banquet in Tucson, AZ (or by mail afterward).

African Descent Student Travel Grant/Scholarships ($200-$300)

Deadline: August 28, 2014

The APCG offers African Descent Student Travel Scholarships to attend the APCG Annual Meeting in Tucson, AZ, in the amount of $200 for current Geography students who attend the meeting, or $300 for current Geography students who present papers or posters. Application deadline is Thursday, August 28, 2014. The APCG African Descent Scholarship Program was created in 2009 to provide travel grants for Geography students of African descent to assist them with financial support to attend APCG annual meetings.

Applying for a travel grant requires two steps:

1) A statement about the student’s interests in geography, commitment to attend the Tucson meeting, statement about the student’s ethnic background, and, if presenting a paper or poster, a description of the research topic

2) A supporting letter of reference from a faculty member.

Please e-mail the student statement and the faculty support letter (or any additional questions) to James W. Harrington (, Aribiloa S. Omolayo (, and John and Bev Passerello ( Please place ADSTS in the e-mail’s subject line.

Indigenous Student Travel Grant/Scholarship 2014 ($200-$300)

Application Deadline: Tuesday September 2, 2014 (early decisions will be made upon request).

The purpose of the Indigenous Student Travel Scholarship is, through student support, to cultivate indigenous geography scholarship in our discipline and bring the Native voice forward. The unique form of geographical knowledge, perspective and expression of Native students enriches the organization and enlivens the conversations geographers have. Native American, American Indian, Native Hawaiian or Alaska Native graduate or undergraduate students are eligible. Awards are to be applied to travel, accommodation, and/or registration expenses at this year’s APCG meeting.

The application requires two steps:

1) A statement about the student’s interests in geography, commitment to attend the Tucson APCG conference, statement about the student’s Indigenous/Native background, and, if presenting a paper or poster, a description of the research topic

2) A supporting letter of reference from a faculty member. Travel awards will be $200 for current students who attend the conference and $300 for current students who present (a paper or poster) at the conference. Fees to attend the awards banquet will be waived for the awardees as well. Send student statements and faculty letters as electronic attachments (preferably as a word or pdf file) to: Kate Berry, Chair, Indigenous Student Travel Scholarship at

Latina/o American Travel Grant/Scholarship (LATS) ($200-$300)

Deadline: September 3, 2014

Travel grants to attend and participate in the 2014 APCG Annual Meeting in Tucson include $200 for Non-Presenting Students and $300 for Presenting Students. LATS was created to help make it possible for Latina/Latino ancestry students—both undergraduate and graduate—from Geography programs in the APCG region to attend annual meetings. Awards are to be applied to travel, accommodation, and registration expenses at APCG meetings.

Applying requires two steps:

1) A statement about the student’s interests in geography and the student’s Latino family background

2) A supporting letter of reference from a faculty member.

For 2014, the committee will determine the number of awards based on the applicant pool. A non-presenting student must register for and attend the Tucson meeting, attend paper sessions, and attend the annual banquet to receive an award. A presenting student must register and attend the meeting, and present a paper or poster to the conference, and must attend the annual banquet to receive an award. Send applications as electronic attachments (Word or PDF) and have a faculty member send a letter (Word or PDF) to Daniel Arreola, Chair of Latina/o American Travel Scholarship at Please place LATS in the subject line.

APCG Women’s Network Travel Grant ($200)

Nomination Deadline: July 8, 2014; Student Submission of Information Deadline: July 15, 2014.

The Women’s Network invites all faculty members of the APCG to nominate an outstanding female undergraduate or graduate student for a Women’s Network Travel Grant to support her attendance at the APCG meeting in Tucson, Arizona. The 2014 Travel Grant awards will be $200 per award. Grant recipients will be recognized at the Women’s Network Luncheon and will be asked to speak briefly at the luncheon about their interests and goals, as well as how the Network might assist them in reaching those goals. The travel grant is designed to defray the cost of registration fees and/or travel to attend the 2014 meeting. It is not necessary that the student give a paper, rather the monetary award provides an opportunity for a student to gain experience from attending an important regional meeting. In addition to the cash grant, the Women’s Network will also pay for a one-year student APCG membership, and the cost of the 2014 luncheon, for each awardee. This initiative is funded through contributions to the Women’s Network of the APCG. We expect to fund seven or eight students, depending on available funding. Nominations must be received by July 8, 2014. Nominations should consist of a brief paragraph outlining the student's interests and abilities in geography, and include the email address of the nominated student. Nominations can be emailed to Deborah Thien, or Katie Meehan,

Please ask your student nominee to provide the Women’s Network with a one-page statement detailing why she wants to attend the meeting as well as her current interests and goals in the field of geography. This statement, as well as contact phone number, email and mailing addresses, should be converted to a pdf file and submitted via email to: Deborah Thien, or Katie Meehan, no later than July 15, 2014. They will notify the recipients in mid-August. This program is entirely funded through contributions to the Women's Network of the APCG. Several years ago, to assure a more secure funding for the Travel Grants, we introduced a successful fund-raising campaign to honor individuals (living or passed on) who are/have been mentors in Geography. This year, we again give members the opportunity to send a donation to the Women’s Network Travel Grant, along with the name of their ‘honoree.’

Research Scholarships

Larry Ford Fieldwork Scholarships in Cultural Geography ($500)

Deadline: June 16, 2014

The APCG continues an annual tradition—a competition for a $500 award (on occasion, two may be awarded) for the Larry Ford Fieldwork Scholarship in Cultural Geography. These go to students pursuing a masters or doctoral degree in cultural geography in an Geography Department within the APCG region. Applications from outside the region cannot be considered, under terms that created the award. Applicants must also be APCG members, though presumably at the discounted student rate. There is an early deadline for the Cultural Geography Fieldwork Scholarship—June 16, 2014. The goal of the awards committee and the donor is simple: students who receive this award will have the $500 available for summer use (applicants will be notified in late June). Recipients can use the funds right away, and must present at least preliminary results at the APCG meeting this year in Tucson, Arizona.

Scholarship applications require two parts:

1) A proposal (not to exceed 1000 words), which must include project title, topic to be investigated, the context of research, methods, and a brief budget that explains how the award will contribute to field research for a master’s thesis or doctoral dissertation. Submit the proposal (as a PDF file).

2) Two letters of support, including one from the applicant’s major advisor that explains how the award will be applied toward field research in cultural geography.

Request that letters of recommendation go by e-mail directly to Paul F. Starrs, Chair of the Larry Ford Fieldwork Scholarship committee of APCG at Additional questions about the scholarship can also be e-mailed to Paul. Please place “LFFCGFS” in the e-mail’s subject line. The scholarship recipient is required to present a paper or poster about the field research supported by the award at the APCG meeting at the meeting immediately following the award. In addition, the award recipient must write a brief summary of the field research findings, which might be included in a future Pacifica issue. The Larry Ford Fieldwork Scholarship in Cultural Geography from the APCG should be acknowledged in any publication based on the supported field research. Publication in the APCG Yearbook is encouraged.

Margaret Trussell Scholarships for Graduate Students ($1000)

Deadline: August 1, 2014

The APCG, in conjunction with the APCG’s Women’s Network, is pleased to announce the annual competition for the Margaret Trussell Scholarship. Normally, two scholarships are made annually, one to a woman doctoral geography student and one to a woman master’s geography student. All fields of geographical study are welcome. Women students who are members of APCG are encouraged to apply. The competitive awards are made based on excellence in research design, written proposals and requests for funding, and supportive letters of recommendation. The funds may be used to support fieldwork, archival research, and/or writing. A well-stated research description, timeline of work, and budget are required. Each application should be accompanied by two letters of recommendation from faculty who either know the student or serve on their research committees. Each application must include the following items:

1. Statement of project including a general overview with references parenthetically cited and a reference section
2. Timeline for completion
3. Budget and identified use of award ($1000)
4. Graduate Transcripts
5. Two letters of recommendation from faculty members
6. Contact Information

Faculty members are asked to encourage students to apply and support applicants with letters of recommendation. Applications are accepted in late spring and early summer, but no later than August 1st. E-mailed applications are preferred. If necessary, paper applications may be submitted. Applicants must be a member of the APCG during the year the award is given. Applicants are asked to attend the Tucson meeting, including the Saturday banquet (unless out of the country). Winners must present a paper concerning the research supported by the award at the APCG meeting this year or next. Winners are further asked to send a short article about their work to the Pacifica editor for possible inclusion in a future Pacifica issue. Recipients must acknowledge receiving an APCG Margaret Trussell Scholarship in any publication based on the supported research. Please send email applications to Peggy Hauselt at