Ida Nadia Djenontin

Nadia is from Benin Republic, a West African Country. She studied agriculture sciences and holds an engineering degree in Agricultural Science – Rural Economy and Sociology at the University of Rarakou. Nadia got connected with a former lecturer of the University of Arizona during her experience as a research officer, where she worked on a Gate’s Foundation Funded project to complete an impact evaluation. This connection helped her to learn about the UA, MDP Program and from there she realized the importance of building upon and strengthening her development skills. Her current development skills include, data collection (both quantitative and qualitative), facilitating local workshops, using rural rapid appraisal tools and interviewing skills. 


Benin, Africa


University of Rarakou

Degree or Program: 

Agricultural Sciences (BA)

Practicum partner: 

New Partnership of Africa Development (NEPAD), Sustainable Land and Water Management (SLWM)


At the interface of science and decision-making: Environmental Governance and Natural Resource Management in Sub-Saharan Africa

Alumni Year: