Johannes Katoko

Johannes Katoko is from Namibia (Africa) and he is currently a resident of Tucson, Arizona. He graduated from the University of Arizona with a Bachelor of Science in Public Management and Policy, with a minor in Agribusiness and Economics. He became interested in MDP program after working in a developing country. He did an internship at the International Rescue Committee where he worked with refugees from different parts of the world helping them with the transition to American society. At the same time he was also working with children at the YMCA. In the past he has also worked at an organization called the Health Communication Partnership based at Johns Hopkins University Field Office in Namibia, where he was responsible for planning, implementing and monitoring health initiatives centered on HIV in the North Eastern Regions of Namibia. He coordinated four independent community action forums, each of which conducted independent programs. He was also responsible for the logistical, technical and educational support of four operational community groups conducting HIV awareness and outreach activities. After completion of his education at University of Arizona he hopes to return to Namibia to share the knowledge and skills that I have gained.  


Namibia, Africa


University of Arizona

Degree or Program: 

Public Management and Policy (BA)

Practicum partner: 

Conserve Swaziland/CANGO


Wildlife Conservation in the Kingdom of Swaziland: Challenges and Prospects

Alumni Year: