Joseph Stewart

Prior to enrolling in the MDP program, Joe spent ten years living and working in Asia, first in Japan as an English teacher, and later as a Peace Corps Education volunteer in East Java, Indonesia.  Joe’s Peace Corps’ experience led him to become interested in exploring a career in development.  That interest ultimately led Joe to the University of Arizona in order to study more about the myriad of challenges facing development today.

During his time abroad, Joe picked up valuable language skills (Japanese and Bahasa Indonesia), as well as cross-cultural knowledge relevant to professional and personal endeavors.  In summer 2018, Joe conducted his MDP field practicum in Sierra Leone working with the NGO WorldFish. There he observed firsthand the inner workings and hard work that goes into making a development project run effectively. Joe’s current interests are centered around water conservation and sustainability, but above all, Joe is most concerned about making a positive impact on whatever communities he works with.

“Making the move to Tucson and starting this program was a huge decision for me, but one that I’m very happy I made.  I hope my MDP classmates would say that I tried to bring a little levity and a lot of smiles to the classroom.  Development can be a heavy subject at times, but I always try to remember to enjoy the process and find that everything is a lot more enjoyable if you’re able to have a laugh about it.”

Prior degrees:

Bachelor's in Criminology, Florida State University 




from Miami, Florida

Alumni Year: