APCG Venue Map

This is a map of the conference venue sites as well as the location of the School of Geography and Development and the future site of the School.  For more information about the new home for the School of Geography and Development see a cool multi-media presentation about the building, a live camera link to current construction, and the project planning site.


University of Arizona Campus Maps

Printable PDFs and Campus GIS interactive maps.


Student Union Map

Site of Saturday Night Banquet (*In the North Ballroom, which is the third floor. Note that the first floor is the basement.)


Tucson Streetcar Map

Use this map to navigate Tucson's downtown and campus area.  It not only includes streetcar routes and stops, but also the locations of diffrent types of destinations (entertainment, historic) and where to find parking near them.  


APCG Restaurant Recommendations Map

Use this map to find some of Tucson's best dining options.