MDP Donate

Your generous gift will allow us to continue training the next generation of development practitioners dedicated to ending global poverty. Specifically, your contribution will help support MDP students complete their summer field practicum. For 8-12 weeks each summer, MDP students travel to locations throughout the world to engage directly in a development practice under the mentorship of professionals working in the field. This practicum offers invaluable hands-on experience for our students. Your donation will allow us to continue to attract the highest quality students and provide them with the critical support they need to become highly skilled practitioners in defining sustainable and socially-just pathways to development.  Here are some examples of how your contribution can help students as they work to address pressing global development challenges: 

  • A donation of $500 will pay for 1-month of expenses while in the field.

  • A donation of $1000 will will cover airfare to the field practicum site for one student.

  • A donation of $2500 will cover living and travel expenses for one student's summer practicum.

Please click on the donate button below to leave a gift to be used by the MDP to support its students in the field.