MDP Testimonials

MDP students and alumni on their Arizona experience


“Unique to UA’s MDP program is its holistic approach to development – the understanding to couple socio-economic systems with natural systems. By drawing upon examples in both the greater Tucson area and across the globe, we are able to draw upon context specific solutions to poverty in a learning environment rich with diverse student and faculty perspectives.”Jake Meyers (MDP 2020)

“Entering the program, I knew I’d be learning a lot from the faculty. What I didn’t expect was how much I’d learn from my colleagues and fellow students; working with like-minded young professionals has honestly been one of the best parts of the program so far.” Mary Ngugi (MDP 2020)

“Through the MDP, I've been exposed to many new viewpoints and fields of study that I'd likely not have encountered outside of the program.  Taking a critical look at how traditional development has worked -- and who it has worked for -- has been incredibly formative in how I think about practicing.” – Chris Mazzarella (MDP 2019)

"Based on my experience in the MDP, I never stop dwelling on the multifaceted nature of development. While my work is primarily in the field of education, I am constantly seeing new ways of how education intersects with health, nutrition, governance, livelihoods, and poverty, and I strive to bring these ideas together." Paige Klotzman (MDP 2016)

“I have incorporated my study of international development into local community development. Development is the same no matter where you’re practicing – it’s about working with and listening to your community, finding local leaders, identifying community challenges and strengths, looking globally for proven solutions.” --  Chantel Welch (MDP 2015)

"The UA MDP combines a historical context of development and a problem-solving mentality -- students learn why pervasive issues such as poverty, inequality, and poor health exist, and are provided the tools to do something about it."  – Albert Casella (MDP 2015)

"I grew in my ability to do research, write, develop project plans, and create participatory solutions development with communities. The skills you learn in this program can be utilized in many different fields, and it makes you a more well-rounded and thoughtful person." Natalie Lucas (MDP 2016)

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