Natalie Lucas

Undergrad: Philosophy, Politics, Economics & Law (BA) & Environmental Sciences (BS) | University of Arizona
Practicum Partner: Center for International Forestry Researc (CIFOR) | Location: Indonesia 
Final report: REDD+ and Fuelwood Use: Policy Implications of Informal Market Energy Demands
Current Employer: Care About Climate + University of New Hampshire Fellow in Bozeman, Montana working with One Montana
Current Location until September 11th, 2015 is Bozeman, MT- working on developing a program for resource managers to increase their resiliency to climatic changes. This is a collaborative initiative between researchers, universities, state agencies, and non-governmental organizations to connect a state climate assessment that is being completed now to resources that can actually lead to adaptive actions. After September 11th Natalie will be in Flagstaff, AZ where she will be working on am Road Trip to Paris. She will be traveling around the country talking to communities about climate change, policy, and what can be done about it leading up to the UN Climate Negotiations being held in Paris, France.

Alumni Year: