SGD PhD Student Eric Magrane Publishes in GeoHumanities

08/30/2015 - 13:18

Congratulations to SGD PhD student Eric Magrane whose article, "Situating Geopoetics" has been published in the new AAG journal GeoHumanities.

You can read the full text online here:

The form of the ars poetica is one in which the poet makes a statement on the art of poetry. Consider this a kind of ars-geo-poetica, a groundsetting for and statement on geopoetics that intends to both situate and to break open the field. This is an invitation for geopoetic texts and practices that draw on the work of poets as well as geographers, for an enchanted, earthy, and transaesthetic approach that moves to juxtapose contemporary poetics, particularly in the realm of ecopoetics, with critical human geography. Looking to geographers, poets, literary scholars, and poems themselves, this article aims to help situate and historicize geopoetics, provide a brief inventory of the current field, and carve out sites for future work.

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