SGD PhD Student Jesse Minor Publishes in Tree-Ring Research

09/03/2015 - 13:11

Congratulations to SGD PhD student Jesse Minor whose paper, co-authored with Alexis Arizpe (SGD undergrad alumni and SNRE graduate student), titled "Trimming and Planing Rough-Cut Wood For Efficient Dendrochronological Sample Preparation and Storage" was recently published in Tree-Ring Research. Well done!

J. Jesse Minor and Alexis H. Arizpe Tree-Ring Research 71(2):130-134. 2015

Wood samples larger than increment cores collected for tree-ring studies are often obtained using chainsaws and, less frequently, 2-person crosscut saws. Saw marks on cross-sectional wood samples can be quite deep and uneven, and sanding rough-cut wood cross-sections is inefficient in terms of processing time and wear on sanding belts. Trimming rough-cut wood samples with a band saw or treating with a surface planer creates a smoother initial surface for sample sanding and polishing. Sample trimming with a band saw or surface planer is also useful for post-analysis archiving and wood storage, when excess wood can be removed and smaller samples entered into storage. Band saw and surface planer safety techniques are also discussed.

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