Study Abroad

Student Experience Highlight

Marcea Decker: I spent 6 months on an study exchange program at Uppsala University, located in central Sweden (45 miles north of Stockholm). I had a really great time there studying Swedish culture and making friends with people from all over the world. Although the cold and dark winter was a shock to live in as a native Arizonan, the beautiful and bright Swedish summer was worth the wait. While studying there, I took some trips to Gothenburg in Western Sweden, and Helsinki in Finland. After the program finished in June, I decided to travel a bit more and backpacked alone through Europe for a month, catching trains to Copenhagen, Berlin, Paris, Amsterdam, and Malmö. I flew to Reykjavik, Iceland before heading home to America. Studying abroad and traveling really expanded my mind, and at (many) times really tested my navigational skills, but most of all it allowed me to make great friends from all corners of the world.

Study Abroad Opportunities 

Students are encouraged to take advantage of opportunities to spend a summer or semester off-campus.

There are three programs that offer UA GEOG and EVS credit and are coordinated through SGD:

SGD students have studied around the world – literally in the case of those who have voyaged with Semester at Sea— through the University of Arizona Study Abroad Program. Some of the most popular choices include Barcelona, New Zealand, Australia, Czechoslovakia, and Italy, as well as programs in Namibia, Nepal and Costa Rica. To arrange for Study Abroad credit to be applied to an SGD degree, see Dr. Rushbrook before you leave, as you plan your travel program and coursework.

Learn more about Summer Study Abroad Programs for 2018 here.