Lynnae Wenker

Undergrad: Liberal Studies & Sociology | Northern Arizona University
Practicum Partner: Good Neighbors | Location: Dominican Republic
Final report: Report on NGO Community Development Projects in Rural and Urban Dominican Republic; Health, Sanitation, and Poverty Alleviation Programs of the Caribbean
Current Employer: Executive Director, Health and Wellness Foundation with Catholic Health Initiatives (Minnesota) 

Matthew Albrecht

Undergrad: Political Science | Montana State University
Practicum Partner: UA, Institute for the Environment | Location: Jamaica
Final report: Climate Services and Vulnerability: Challenges of Jamaican Farmers

Mursal Ali

Undergrad: Political Science | University of Arizona
Practicum Partner: Dadaab Refugee Camp | Location: Kenya 
Final report: Refugee Income Inclusion: From Humanitarian Aid to Economic Self-Sufficiency
Current Employer: Catholic Charities | Portland, OR

Natalie Lucas

Undergrad: Philosophy, Politics, Economics & Law (BA) & Environmental Sciences (BS) | University of Arizona
Practicum Partner: Center for International Forestry Researc (CIFOR) | Location: Indonesia 
Final report: REDD+ and Fuelwood Use: Policy Implications of Informal Market Energy Demands
Current Employer: Care About Climate + University of New Hampshire Fellow in Bozeman, Montana working with One Montana

Phouthamaly Sengphaathith

Undergrad: Environmental Science | Vientiane, Laos
Practicum Partner: International Water Management Institute (IWMI) | Location: Laos
Final report: Hydrological impacts of land use/land cover change and options for Best Management Practices. Case studies: two Micro-catchments in Thailand and Vietnam
Current Employer: Environment Office of Electricity (Laos)

Benten Anders

Practicum Partner: International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) | Uganda
Final report: Climate Change and Smallholder Farmers in Rural Uganda 
Current Employer: Technical Consultant at Rehabilitee Organization of Afghan War Victims


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