Padriac Finan

Raised in a bi-cultural home and the son of an anthropologist, Padraic’s awareness of the global community began at an early age.  This awareness developed into interest during his studies in political science at ASU; where he was intrigued by the connection between governments and ideologies and its influences on development within their communities and society.  Padraic’s path towards Development Practice continued during his tenure in Brazil where he worked with a community outreach program (ProVoz) within the poorest areas of Fortaleza, Brazil.  Here he began to see the joy, difficulties and intricacies of working to help struggling communities grow.  Padraic has had a wide range of work experience from restaurant jobs to more recent teaching experiences as an ESL instructor in Brazil.  He is hoping to apply his studies towards creating better understanding of how to work with governments to increase the quality of well-being within struggling countries. 

Alumni Year: