Faculty Members

Morgan Apicella's picture
Morgan Apicella
Email: mapicell@email.arizona.edu
Office: ENR2
Research Interests Political Geography, Community Organizing, Experiential Education, Rainwater Harvesting, Urban Agriculture, Microbiomes, Baking
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Geoff Boyce's picture
Geoff Boyce
Email: gboyce@email.arizona.edu
Office: ENR2 S552
Interests: political geography, U.S./Mexico border, U.S./Canada border, critical race theory, Science and Technology Studies, gardening Courses taught: Geog470: The American Landscape Geog373/Pol373: Political Geography Geog 311a: Geography of Mexico Geog150c1: Environment and Society Publications...
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Heidi Brown's picture
Heidi Brown
Assistant Professor, Epidemiology and Biostatistics Division
Email: heidibrown@email.arizona.edu
Heidi E. Brown, PhD, MPH, has a research focus on the epidemiology and control of vector-borne and zoonotic diseases. Her goal is to identify human disease risk by modeling vector, host and pathogen distributions. The complex nature of the systems she works on diseases requires her to blend field...
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Bonnie Colby's picture
Bonnie Colby
Professor, Agricultural Resource Economics
Email: bcolby@ag.arizona.edu
Dr. Colby's research is in natural resource and environmental economics and in public policy, and in particular, water resource economics. Some of her current projects involve nonmarket valuation of natural amenities, analyzing transactions costs generated by regulatory policies, evaluating the...
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Benedict Colombi's picture
Benedict Colombi
Associate Professor, American Indian Studies
Email: bcolombi@email.arizona.edu
Office: Harvill 237B
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Michael Crimmins's picture
Michael Crimmins
Associate Professor and Climate Science Extension Specialist Department of Soil, Water and Environmental Science
Email: crimmins@u.arizona.edu
TEL: 5206264244
Office: Shantz 522
Mike Crimmins is on the faculty of the Department of Soil, Water, and Environmental Science at the University of Arizona and is a Climate Science Extension Specialist for Arizona Cooperative Extension. In this position he provides climate science support to resource managers across Arizona by...
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Linda Dobbyn's picture
Linda Dobbyn
Adjunct Instructor
Email: ldobbyn@email.arizona.edu
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Kacey Ernst's picture
Kacey Ernst
Assistant Professor, Epidemiology and Biostatistics Division
Email: kernst@email.arizona.edu
Kacey C. Ernst, PhD MPH joined the faculty in 2008 as an infectious disease epidemiologist. Her primary projects examine the environmental determinants of vector-borne disease transmission and control; primarily dengue and malaria. Current research projects include an examination of insecticide...
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Oliver Froehling's picture
Oliver Froehling
Director of the UA summer program in Oaxaca and Director of SURCO Servicios Universitarios y Redes de Conocimientos en Oaxaca AC
Email: oliver.froehling@gmail.com
Oliver Froehling lives in Oaxaca, Mexico, where he co-founded SURCO(www.surcooaxaca.org), a center for autonomous education and local activism. His research interests-which are integrated into his practical activities at SURCO - include NGOs and neoliberal...
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Gregg Garfin's picture
Gregg Garfin
Assoc. Professor and Assoc. Extension Specialist, School of Natural Resources and the Environment
Email: gmgarfin@email.arizona.edu
TEL: 520-626-4372
Gregg Garfin works, as a climate extension specialist, to bridge the science-society interface in order to accelerate the transfer of  University of Arizona environmental and climate science findings and techniques to resource managers, planners, policy makers, and other decision-makers in the...
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Gökçe Günel's picture
Gökçe Günel
Assistant Professor
Email: ggunel@email.arizona.edu
Gökçe Günel is Assistant Professor in the School of Middle Eastern and North African Studies at the University of Arizona, and has affiliations with the School of Anthropology and the School of Geography and Development. Her first book ...
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Stefanie Herrmann's picture
Stefanie Herrmann
Associate Research Scientist
Email: stef@email.arizona.edu
I am a geographer pursuing interdisciplinary research on human-environment relationships in drylands, in particular in pastoral and agricultural societies of the developing world. Most of my research has been in the semiarid Sahel of West Africa, where I have worked on land degradation and land...
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Katie Hirschboeck's picture
Katie Hirschboeck
Associate Professor, Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research
Email: katie@ltrr.arizona.edu
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Vance Holliday's picture
Vance Holliday
Professor of Anthropology and Geosciences
Email: vthollid@email.arizona.edu
TEL: 520-621-4734
FAX: 520-621-2088
Office: Emil W. Haury Building 406
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Kathy Jacobs's picture
Kathy Jacobs
Professor and Specialist, Dept. of Soil, Water and Environmental Science
Email: kjacobs@hwr.arizona.edu
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Miranda Joseph's picture
Miranda Joseph
Professor, Gender & Women's Studies
Email: mirandaj@email.arizona.edu
TEL: 520 621-5839
Office: Gender & Women's Studies Building, 925 N. Tyndall, Rm 107
Miranda Joseph teaches feminist, Marxist, poststructuralist and queer theory, cultural studies methods, and LGBT Studies. Her research uses the tools of cultural studies to theorize the relationship between economic processes and social formations. She is the author of ...
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Jamie Lee's picture
Jamie Lee
Assistant Professor, Digital Culture, Information, and Society in the School of Information
Email: jalee2@email.arizona.edu
Office: School of Information, Harvill 435-A
Jamie A. Lee, Assistant Professor of Digital Culture, Information, and Society, attends to critical archival theory and methodologies, multimodal media-making contexts, storytelling, bodies, and ongoing analyses of the ways archives and bodies are mutually constitutive. Her work is intricately...
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Stuart Marsh's picture
Stuart Marsh
Director and Professor School of Natural Resources and the Environment
Email: smarsh@ag.arizona.edu
TEL: 520-621-8574
Office: BioSciences East 325
Research Interests Land Use and Land Cover Change; Impacts of Climate and Anthropogenic Change on Arid Lands; Remote Sensing; Application of Geospatial Technologies to Environmental Studies; Development of Decision Support Systems for Natural Resource Management Brief Background B.S. 1973, Geology...
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Brian Mayer's picture
Brian Mayer
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Sharon Megdal's picture
Sharon Megdal
Director of The University of Arizona Water Resources Research Center
Email: smegdal@email.arizona.edu
TEL: (520) 621-9591
Office: WRRC, 350 N. Campbell Ave
Sharon B. Megdal is Director of The University of Arizona Water Resources Research Center and C.W. and Modene Neely Endowed Professor.  She is Professor in the Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics and the Department of Soil, Water, and Environmental Science and serves as Director of...
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Barbara Morehouse's picture
Barbara Morehouse
Associate Research Scientist Emerita
Email: morehoub@email.arizona.edu
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Gary Nabhan's picture
Gary Nabhan
Research Social Scientist
Email: gpnabhan@email.arizona.edu
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Eyal Oren's picture
Eyal Oren
Assistant Professor, Epidemiology and Biostatistics
Email: eoren@email.arizona.edu
Eyal Oren, PhD, MS is Assistant Professor in the Mel and Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health (MEZCOPH, University of Arizona). He is an epidemiologist interested in infectious disease, with an emphasis on respiratory infections and is particularly interested in working with multidisciplinary,...
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Jon Pelletier's picture
Jon Pelletier
Professor, Geomorphology
Email: jdpellet@email.arizona.edu
My research interests include landforms on the Earth's surface that are sculpted by flowing water in the form of rivers and glaciers and by wind and windborne particles. My work seeks to understand the intrinsic feedbacks between landforms on the Earth's surface and the fluid flow above the surface...
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Edella Schlager's picture
Edella Schlager
Professor, School of Government and Public Policy
Email: schlager@email.arizona.edu
Office: Social Science 339
My research focuses on comparative institutional analyses of water laws, policies, property rights, and compacts in the western US. I am particularly interested in the design and performance of polycentric systems of water governance and how well such systems of water governance adapt to changing...
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Paul Sheppard's picture
Paul Sheppard
Associate Professor- UA Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research
Email: sheppard@ltrr.arizona.edu
TEL: 520-621-6474
Office: West Stadium 105c1
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Tom Swetnam's picture
Tom Swetnam
Regents' Professor- UA laboratory of Tree-Ring Research
Email: tswetnam@email.arizona.edu
TEL: 520-621-2112
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Jill Williams's picture
Jill Williams
Assistant Research Social Scientist & Director of the Women in Science and Engineering Program, Southwest Institute for Research on Women
Email: jillmwilliams@email.arizona.edu
TEL: (520) 626-9152
Office: 202a GWS Building, 925 N. Tyndall Ave.
Dr. Jill Williams (PhD Clark University 2013) is a feminist political geographer whose research explores how state actors and agencies negotiate shifting national and transnational responsibilities and the implications these negotiations have for differently situated populations.  Since 2007, her...
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