Researchers and Postdoctoral Scholars

Paula Decker's picture
Paula Decker
Office: ENR2 S552
Research interests: political ecology, science and technology studies, qualitative GIS, wildlife conservation
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Malissa Hubbard
Adjunct Instructor, School of Geography and Development; Manager, AZSITE
TEL: 520-621-3602
Office: Arizona State Museum S207
Malissa has a Master of Environmental Management from Duke University and Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science from the UofA. In addition to teaching, she manages the cultural resource geodatabase for the state of Arizona. 
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Chris Knudson
Chris is working with the IRAP (International Research and Applications Project) on the use of seasonal climate forecasts in the Institute of the Environment and with the UA Climate Justice Network
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Anne Ranek
Adjunct Instructor
Interests: Cultural, Political and Feminist Geography, Identity, Youth, Europe
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Valente Soto's picture
Valente Soto
PhD Candidate
Office: ENR2 S595-DD
I am interested in state theory, emotional geographies, violence and trauma. More specifically, my work examines what are the effects and means by which professionals—psychologists, social workers, and journalists—who witness or indirectly experience the outcomes of drug-related violence perceive...
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Matthew Stuart's picture
Matthew Stuart
Office: ENR2 S554
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