Amata R. Inshuti

MDP Student

Amata graduated from University of Rwanda with focus in Agribusiness and Rural Development. Prior to joining the MDP, she was involved with the implementation of several different development projects in Rwanda before joining Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS)/Rwanda Program.

With WCS, Amata's main responsibilities have been to identify and assess viable income generating activities that could be promoted to address specific conservation threats and community needs around Nyungwe National Park. This includes leading a pilot project aimed at distributing over 11,000 energy efficient cooking stoves. It also involved organizing and mobilizing community-based organizations around Nyungwe National Park, mostly cooperatives of ex-poachers. Amata also developed a strategy for the growth and management of a community revolving fund, including specific guidelines on how communities could tap into these resources for local development activities. More than 160 village saving and lending associations (VSLAs) accessed loans from the community revolving fund aiming at doing small income generating projects.