Andrew Zimmer

Ph.D. Candidate

Graduate Research Assistant

I am a human-environment geographer studying with Dr. Tom Evans in the School of Geography, Development and Environment. 

My research investigates the dynamics of human-environment relationships between agriculture, urban growth and food security in Africa. I am primarily interested in rural-urban linkages between agricultural production and urban food security.

Methodologically, my work is interdisciplinary in nature. I mainly focus on the integration of social and environmental data using GIS and spatial analysis alongside econometric and statistical modeling. Much of the data I use comes from large-scale household surveys in both rural and urban settings across Sub-Saharan Africa. I work to couple these household level data with environmental and socio-economic data to examine and understand the spatial dynamics of food systems and food (in)security across southern Africa.

Please see my personal website for more information, as well as a recent version of my CV.