Avery Julian Baker

MDP Student (Graduated May 2020)

Avery Julian Baker received the MDP degree in May 2020. Prior to joining MDP, Avery served as a water, sanitation & health volunteer with Peace Corps in The Republic of Vanuatu from 2015 to 2017. He endured remote environments, facilitated a USAID grant and UNDP project, and was ceremonially bestowed with the honor of a chiefly title by village elders. This life-changing experience and cultural immersion introduced him to the climate change crisis and its effects, which he witnessed first-hand along with the poverty epidemic; it pushed him to contemplate a career in international development, improving livelihoods around the world. He became certain after a summer spent in the Himalayas of Nepal and Northern India, where he saw parallels to Vanuatu’s climate and poverty challenges. He subsequently discovered MDP and received a Peace Corps Coverdell Fellowship to U of A.

Avery spent his summer practicum in Nepal addressing climate change adaptation, water, and alternative energy initiatives; specifically working on implementation and sustainable methods with communities in the field. He also further honed his cross-cultural and diplomatic skills, gaining tools varying from GIS to stakeholder engagement methods in order to better grasp what makes an effective development project and to hopefully be primed for a career with the United Nations.

Most of all, Avery wants to continue growing personally and professionally in order to better serve people around the world and make a difference, big or small, for the rest of his life.

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You an also visit Avery's professional website