Ben Champion

Assistant Professor of Practice

My work for the last ten years has been as a practitioner focused on management and leadership strategies for improved environmental performance in the operations of large public universities.  This has included a variety of strategies for reducing carbon emissions, water and energy efficiency, diversifying of transportation, waste reduction and recycling, and shifting food purchases.  Along the way, I have maintained a reflective and reflexive posture regarding the governance challenges entailed in such shifts, the locus of decision-making (whether in student lifestyles, campus administration priorities, networks of faculty and staff support, service departments within the university, and combinations of all the above) and the kinds of information that are sought, included, and ignored in this variety of contexts. 

Prior to this work, I studied the potential within the local foods movement for broader sustainable food systems models in the US Midwest/Great Plains region through political economic, network analysis, and value systems lenses. 

Overarching themes of my research interests include how to envision large-scale shifts in land use in both urban (regional planning/development) and rural (agriculture/wilderness/conservation) contexts, transformative change in energy production and consumption, and wholesale transitions in transportation infrastructure and choices.