Chandler Smith

MDP Student

Chandler Smith is a second year MDP candidate interested in the nexus of climate change adaptation, disaster risk reduction and finance, community sustainable development and ecology. Chandler joined the Master's in Development Practice program because of its emphasis on cultural sensitivity and sustainability in development, as well as the university's strengths in climate change and natural resource management studies. 

A former Peace Corps Volunteer in Thailand ('17-'20), Chandler is a Coverdell fellow and Research Associate with Integrated Risk Management Associates, LLC (IRMA), as well as a Junior Research Associate with TANGO International. In both of these roles, Chandler operates on the qualitative side of evaluations, assessments, and studies for UN bodies, USAID-funded programs, and Red Cross/Red Crescent entities within the sphere of disaster risk reduction/finance, community-level resilience, climate change adaptation, food security and livelihoods, anticipatory action, and climate finance. 

Before studying at the University of Arizona, Chandler graduated from California Polytechnic School of San Luis Obispo with a B.A. in Political Science and an emphasis in Global Politics. During his undergraduate studies, Chandler worked for a nuclear power generation facility and researched local level implementation of low carbon emitting energy sources in developing countries. After graduation, Chandler worked as Director of Public Relations and Communications Management for a primary education NGO in northern Uganda followed by three years in the Peace Corps.