Charles Meisch

MDP Student

Charles Meisch has particular interests in the issues of economic livelihoods of the poor and access to education and its impacts. Charles’s course of study will include anthropology, statistics, econometrics, and geographic information systems (GIS). His goal is to be able to conduct effective Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) with an international organization in the field of development.

Charles’s interest in development was shaped by his experience of being from Iceland and growing up in both Reykjavik and Tucson. He has moved over ten times and worked various jobs that give him a broad perspective on the human experience and help him be patient in understanding others. His work as a teacher, including in Japan and Iceland, has taught him how to be an active listener and to draw out the ideas of others.

In Tucson, Charles has been volunteering with Iskashitaa Refugee Network to help with food security and preventing food waste. Every week, the group harvests produce around Tucson with various volunteers and refugees.