Eden Kinkaid

Ph.D. Student

My research interests in geography are wide-ranging. Broadly defined, I am a human/human-environment geographer with specializations in agri-food studies, political ecology, and critical development studies. Before COVID-19 happened, I was pursuing fieldwork on organic agriculture projects in north India which was conceptually focused on issues of environmental governance, agricultural knowledge/practice, and agrarian identities/subjectivities. I have now shifted my dissertation work to focus on the impacts of COVID-19 on southern Arizona’s local/regional food system and am engaging themes of governance and policy, agri-food imaginaries, and food system inequality.

In addition to my dissertation work, I pursue many other interests in diverse realms of geographic thought, many of which are connected to my training in Gender and Women’s Studies. I am collaboratively pursuing an empirical research project on graduate curriculum in geography that focuses on how issues of colonialism, race and racism, and gender are incorporated in graduate training in the discipline. In addition to these empirical projects, I write a lot about socio-spatial theory, particularly paradigms of the ‘ontological turn,’ including assemblage thinking and post-phenomenology. These engagements are informed by feminist and queer thought. Another major realm of theoretical interest is phenomenology – here I’m interested in retooling phenomenological approaches to geography to consider issues of race, gender, sexuality and other forms of embodied difference. I also engage with scholarship on creative geographies and have been involved in organizing, curating, and editing a couple creative geography projects, including you are here: a journal of creative geography.

If you are wondering how on earth all this hangs together or want to learn more, you can check out my personal website for more information about these projects and for an up-to-date CV. You can also check out my google scholar page for current publications. Also, please do not hesitate to get in touch if you find any of this interesting, want to share your work, or want to talk about anything – I’m always down for a random chat or email correspondence (ekinkaid at email dot Arizona dot edu). You can also follow me on twitter @queergeog.


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