Isabella Moreno

MDP Student

Isabella’s area of focus in the MDP program is on improving health services for poor and marginalized communities, working within the broader field of global public health and development. She is particularly interested in studying the lack of health services available to marginalized communities. In addition, Isabella aims to understanding the connection between a country’s infrastructure and its health care system, with the primary goal of understanding how this affects the lives of their citizens, specifically their marginalized communities. Her regional interests are in Latin America, primarily within rural, farming communities in El Salvador as well indigenous communities in Peru.

Previously, Isabella volunteered with the TOMS foundation in rural partsof El Salvador, where she was also able to shadow a local pediatrician. This experience gave her first-hand experience with rural communities who feel the effects of the lack access to proper health care and necessities. In 2019, Isabella worked for six months as an energy research intern for the NGO Flame Tree Initiative, whose goal is to address the issue of poverty in Malawi through promoting entrepreneurs on the local level. Isabella studied Malawi’s infrastructure and lack of access to off-grid electricity and how those combined factors lead to energy poverty.