Jack DeBoer

MDP Student (Graduated in May 2021)

Jack  DeBoer completed the MDP in May 2021. Drawn to the MDP program by its practical and comprehensive nature, Jack built on his previous experiences and his B.A. in Global Security by gaining additional practical experience and analytical skills. As an MDP student  he focused on food security, livelihoods, monitoring and evaluation in East Africa and The Middle East. As a Peace Corps Coverdell Fellow, he worked with the UA cooperative extension’s Smartscape program to evaluate and assist with their irrigation and rainwater harvesting training series. He also worked with Catholic Relief Services on Monitoring Markets and Supply Chains for Humanitarian COVID-19 Response.

Jack served in Peace Corps from 2015-2018. As an agricultural extension in southern Ethiopia, he demonstrated and promoted permaculture techniques and improved crop varieties within USAID’s Feed the Future program. Later as a Peace Corps Volunteer Leader based in a regional office, he identified sites for volunteers, maintained local partnerships, and provided support for program teams. Before joining the MDP program, Jack worked as a technical expert for a private firm contracted by UNDP to evaluate a series of large irrigation projects in eastern Lebanon. The project was designed to improve relations between Lebanese farmers and Syrian laborers. His role was to collect GPS and survey data for the impact assessment.