James Cunningham

M.A. Student

My current research focuses on climate adaptation policy development and environmental governance in California. I am interested in the role of science and modeling in the development of state and local adaptation plans, particularly in the agricultural sector.

Prior to starting at the University of Arizona, I completed a MS GIST degree at the Georgia Institute of Technology. My capstone project focused on quantifying and visualizing economic shifts among twin cities on the US/MX border from 2004 to 2015. While in Atlanta, I worked for the Civil Engineering department analyzing bus transit information from the Georgia Department of Transportation to address mobility inequalities in rural Georgia.

My previous projects have largely focused on global change ecology and agroecology, asking how changing temperature and precipitation patterns impact predator-prey dynamics in agricultural systems. Most recently, I completed a project looking into the impacts of warming on the epigenetic adaptation of aphid,A. pisum, at the Ecole Nationale de Formation Agronomique de Toulouse-Auzeville, France.