Michael Brasher

Ph.D. Candidate

Graduate Assistant

Michael Brasher photo

Hey folks, thanks for visiting my page. Broadly speaking, I am a political geographer interested in community-based scholarship around issues of gender and violence. My present work examines the uneven distribution of power through space by focusing on domestic, intimate-partner, and gender-based violence. I’m also interested in social movements here in Tucson that focus on men and masculinity as the pathway to addressing these forms of violence. This research attends to the spatial relationship between carceral systems and intimate, or domestic, spaces, especially for communities of color. In particular, I focus on anti-violence movements that are devoted to alternatives to the criminal injustice system.

Aside from my scholarship, I am committed to anti-violence men’s organizing work in the community, and am also interested in movements to address problems of toxic masculinity and gender-based violence on college campuses. My master’s thesis research focused on transnational anti-violence strategies developed by religious groups in Colombia, specifically through a technique called protective accompaniment. That work focused on using and leveraging privilege in order to transform spaces that were once at risk of violence into safe places. Please reach out if you want to talk about any of these things.