Natasha Rapp

MDP Student

Having a diverse background in both research and public service, Natasha is drawn to the Master’s in Developmental Practice (MDP) program as an ideal platform for addressing global challenges through sustainable and intersectional methods. Natasha has lived in the Sonoran Desert her entire life and seeks to use geographic information technologies, cultural awareness, and data analysis to develop informed solutions for desertification and drought effected areas. As Natasha pursues a MDP, she is working within the University of Arizona’s Office of Global Projects. In this role, Natasha will assist with the development of capacity statements around core University of Arizona global research initiatives.

While an undergraduate at the University of Arizona, Natasha has worked with esteemed researchers on varying projects within Arizona State Museum, Laboratory of Traditional Technology, and the Organic Geochemistry Laboratory. After receiving her B.S in Anthropology Natasha had the opportunity to work for varying institutions such as her local government and the Arizona Cancer Center. While at the Arizona Cancer Center, Natasha supported several disease teams with patient-facing clinical research coordination and data administration. As a Library Associate for the Pima County Government, Natasha served her community through providing and initiating programs. During her time within the Pima County Library System, Natasha interacted with diverse and disadvantaged communities to provide essential resources for their everyday lives.