Robert Hartwell

MDP Student (Graduated May 2020)

A recent graduate of the MDP, Robert Hartwell graduated from the University of New Hampshire with BA degrees in both Psychology and in Justice Studies, as well as a minor in Forensic Science. In 2016, he joined the Peace Corps as an Agriculture Extension Agent in the Adamawa region of Cameroon, where his primary project was the development and management of a 2.5-acre demonstration plot used as an outdoor classroom to teach farmers new, and more efficient, farming techniques and improved crop varieties. He also started a girls' group, in which he led weekly workshops that covered topics such as career planning and goal setting, female reproductive health, and the importance of education.

Robert continued working for Peace Corps in Washington, D.C. with the Office of Third Goal, which aims to promote a better understanding of other peoples on the part of Americans. As a member of the Third Goal team, Robert generated training manuals for all active countries and created over 15 lesson plans and activities for educators to enhance cross-cultural learning in their classrooms. in 2018, he was awarded a Peace Corps Coverdell Fellowship to study at UA.

Robert enrolled in the MDP program to get a better understanding of development as a whole. His focus on monitoring and evaluation (M&E) allows him to cover a wide range of development sectors such as economic development, agriculture, education, and health. He has already begun using his skills through a Coverdell outreach placement with Girl Scouts of Southern Arizona (GSSOAZ) helping to valuate a number of GSSOAZ's programs, including each of their summer camps. Robert is also a key researcher in GSSOAZ's pilot study on the relationship between Girl Scout membership and academic performance within Tucson Unified SchoolDistrict (TUSD. In the future, Robert plans on using his M&E skills to improve development programs in Central and West Africa.

You can learn more about Robert on his professional webpage