Philana A Jeremiah

Philana is an MDP student focused on environmental sustainability issues. She is particularly interested in using geographic information systems (GIS) to study the impact of plastic waste on beaches. She spent the summer of 2018 on her field practicum in Eleuthera, Bahamas promoting GIS as a tool for analysis and learning about environmental sustainability practices from the NGO perspective. 

Philana has a background in environmental sustainability and training in GIS. As a Teaching Assistant, she teaches an undergraduate GIS lab. Philana plans to enroll in a doctoral program in Geography to continue with solving big environmental problems on small islands in the Bahamas and throughout the Caribbean.

“I am a global citizen and world traveler. My work spans the globe. My plan is to travel to world, see what is out there, and come back and share with you.”

Prior degrees:

Bachelor's in Geography with a concentration in Environmental Sustainability and a minor in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Georgia Southern University 



from Bronx, New York

Practicum partner: 

The One Eleuthera Foundation and The Bahamas Plastic Movement

Alumni Year: