Sandra Wiebe

It was my focus on health that originally motived me to pursue a Bachelor of Kinesiology. It was my wider understanding of the importance of the social determinants of health, however, that led me to pursue a second Bachelor with Honors in International Development Studies and Human Rights. an understanding that has further driven me to pursue the MDP program. My academic studies and professional work have focused not only on the social determinants of health, but also on community development, newcomer settlement, and social justice research, including a study on Woman and Homelessness & Housing for Tenants Facing Multiple Barriers. I look forward to deepening my understanding of the interconnections between the environment, human health, and animal health in working to shift away from conventional development discourse and practices towards alternative approaches to development and policy.


Carman, Manitoba, Canada


University of Manitoba; University of Winnipeg

Degree or Program: 

Bachelor in Kinesiology; Dual Bachelor of Arts (Honors) in International Development Studies and Human Rights & Global Studies

Alumni Year: