Sophia Jones

Sophia Jones first became interested in a career in development after receiving a Rotary Youth Scholarship and pledging to the organization’s mission of “service over self.” Sophia has studied abroad in Antigua, Guatemala, where she volunteered at Casa Jackson, a center for malnourished infants and children.  During this time she studied the historical failures of development projects along with the environmental and social consequences of the country’s integration into the global economy. Sophia also spent time studying in Havana, Cuba, researching informal economies in the agricultural sector. Through interviews with local organic farmers she researched sustainable alternative food systems within the context of Cuba’s unique political landscape. Keeping with her interests in youth development and environmental stewardship, over the past two years Sophia has been collaborative with a community garden program at an elementary school in one of Tucson’s low income neighborhoods. Sophia graduated with a degree in Environmental Studies with a minor in Geography.  She hopes to find a career that helps her address problems at the intersection of social and ecological justice. 

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