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SGD and EVS Majors List

The SGD and EVS majors listserv is the primary way of communicating with our majors. We typically send out 5-10 message per week. Posts include information on new classes, advising hours and changes, internship and employment opportunities, department events, scholarship opportunities, and events that are likely to be of interest to our majors.

To subscribe to the listserv, send an e-mail to list@list.arizona.edu from the address you want to use. This is not a person but a mailing list management system, so messages should only contain commands.

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Department Resources

SAL Computer Lab Hours (ENR2 S-547)


University of Arizona Awards

The School of Geography and Development supports its majors through a variety of scholarships and awards.  At the breakfast held as part of each semester's SGD graduation ceremony, the School recognizes the achievements of its undergraduate students.  To to be eligible for awards for graduating senior, students should have started their degree checks no later than October 10 in the fall and no later than March 10 in the spring. To receive information about these awards and other opportunities, sign up for the sgdmajors listserv.

Melvin E. Hecht Award: to a junior or senior for overall excellence in the School of Geography and Development, recognizing overall GPA and service to the School or community.  The first faculty member who was trained as a geographer to be hired at the University of Arizona, Melvin E. Hecht was a kind and thoughtful man and a dedicated geographer who co-authored The Arizona Atlas and was an enthusiastic scholar of the Southwest.

John Buttery Award: for excellence in GIS and/or remote sensing, recognizing performance in related courses and service to the School or community.  This award was established by John Buttery, a University of Arizona graduate who has been a pioneer in the application of GIS software and data.

SGD Outstanding Regional Development Award: for excellence in Regional Development, to include overall GPA and performance in related courses and service to the School or community.

George H.Amos Scholarships: awarded to juniors or seniors with a keen interest in urban growth and development issues and a declared interest in pursuing a career in the field of real estate, with preference to those who have pursued an internship in the field.  This scholarship is made in honor of George H. Amos, Sr., who served the Tucson Realty and Trust Company and the Tucson community for over 60 years. Applications for this competitive award are available in February.

Virginia and Mark H. Klafter Memorial Scholarships: awarded to outstanding continuing juniors or seniors who are studying geography, urban planning, or real estate.  This scholarship was established by the Tucson Chapter of the Appraisal Institute.

Certificates of Achievement: recognition to graduating seniors in physical geography, regional development, GIS science, and human geography.

Travel grants: financial support to attend and present at professional conferences, designed to encourage undergraduate participation in regional and national conferences.  In 2011 and 2012, SGD students were able to participate in the Association of Pacific Coast Geographers meeting in San Francisco and the Association of American Geographers meetings in New York City.  In 2013 students presented at the AAG meeting in Los Angeles.  Both the APCG and the AAG offer their own financial awards to students presenting at the conferences as well as discounts to student volunteers.

Student Travel Award Highlight

"It was an amazing experience to be able to participate in a geographer's conference as undergraduates. We attended the Association of Pacific Coast Geographers Conference in San Francisco, California this past September. We are sincerely grateful to the School of Geography and Regional Development here at the University of Arizona for providing the funding so that we could experience this opportunity. At the APCG, we networked with other geographers and professionals, and listened to many current research projects from bright undergraduate, graduate, and university professors within Geography. I, Marcea Decker, got to present a paper titled "Struggle to Arms and Equality: Women's Involvement in Violent Nationalist Groups in South Asia". The experience to present in front of a group of people, and answer though provoking questions was an experience that will help me to fine tune my research interests and improve my public speaking for the future. We attended a Women's Network lunch while at the conference, and spoke with many women underrepresented in the field. The Women’s Network lunch was an inspiring experience that really demonstrated the sense of community available to us as geography students. The support given to the women within APCG motivated me, Melanie Summers, to continue my education and go on to graduate school next year. Overall, the APCG conference was not only an enlightening experience but also a fun and unique opportunity we will treasure for years to come."  

- Melanie Summers (pictured left) and Marcea Decker (pictured right)


SGD students have also regularly represented among the College of Social and Behavioral Science's Magellan Scholars, recognized at a Gala Dinner in the spring.  These $500 scholarships are awarded each fall.  2011-12 Magellan Scholars included SGD students Michelle Coe, Marcea Decker, Jessica Dollin, Chelsea Halstead, Rochelle Reuter, and Philip Sparks.   In 2010, SGD recipients included:  Paco Galvan, Gerard Lopez, Katherine Mount, Holly Schempf, Sadie Weiss.  In 2009, Emily Sanschagrin, B.A. Geography, received the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences Outstanding Senior Award.


SGD students have also been successful in competing for awards at the national level.  Gamma Theta Upsilon, the national geography honor society, holds national competitions for its awards; Michelle Coe won the 2012 Maxfield Scholarship which is awarded to a junior or senior each year.  Dino Kadich (2018) was selected as a Gates Cambridge Scholar.

Student Research Experience Highlight 

Attending the School of Geography and Development at The University of Arizona has allowed me to pursue unique opportunities, which have broadened my interest in geography. Participating in summer undergraduate research programs I was able to learn about academic research and explore my interests with the guidance and mentorship of faculty members. In 2010, I participated in The University of Arizona’s Summer Research Institute researching community development and tourism programs of Mexico. The following summer I researched community-based programs for Latino Immigrants with the University of Illinois at Chicago’s Summer Research Opportunity Program. Both programs have encouraged me to think about continuing my education and research interests.

- Alexandra Chavez