Audra El Vilaly

About Audra El Vilaly

My research interests include:

  • Political ecology
  • Political geography and state theory
  • Climate and environmental change
  • Critical development studies
  • Emotional and affective geographies
  • Theories of memory, modernity and post-colonialism
  • Feminist geopolitics 
  • Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Middle East and North Africa
My work as a scholar-activist and former development practitioner in both Saharan and Sub-Saharan Africa transects multiple sub-disciplinary terrains of radical human and environmental geography. These include political ecology, identity, memory, subjectivity, emotion and affect, care ethics in social movements, theories of assemblage and the more-than-human, and political and critical state theory. 
My most recent research investigates ongoing practices of slavery and slavery-like relations of production in the Islamic Republic of Mauritania. In querying the cultural, socio-ecological, and political economic underpinnings of these relations, my study exposes the violence potentiated by purviews and practices of subjectivity. More specifically, it demonstrates the injustice, of which slavery is just one example, that ensues when people mistakenly feel and remember themselves as subjects: that is, as somehow separate from nature, one another, and as a result, from themselves. 


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Audra El Vilaly
Assistant Professor and Assistant Director of the Master's in Development Practice Program

Courses Taught

Geography of Africa
World Regional Geography
Research Methods
Field Methods in Environmental Geography
Geography of Sustainable Development