Daoqin Tong

About Daoqin Tong

Associate professor, School of Geography and Development, GIDP Statistics, GIDP Remote Sensing and Spatial Analysis

Areas of Study

Spatial analysis and modeling

GIS, spatial statistical modeling, spatial uncertainties and big data analytics. Applications include transportation, urban activity dynamics and public health

Geography of food

Food access, food deserts, farmers' markets, independent food outlets and urban agriculture

Spatial optimization

Location analysis and modeling, political redistricting, network design and heuristic approaches

Research Interests

Spatial analysis, GIS, Spatial optimization, Spatial uncertainty, Food access, Transportation

Selected Publications

Mack J. and D. Tong (2015) "Characterizing the spatial and temporal Patterns of farmers’ market visits", Applied Geography. Forthcoming

Liu Y., D. Tong and X. Chen (2015) "Measuring spatial autocorrelation of vectors", Geographical Analysis 47(3): 300-319

Lei T., D. Tong and R.L. Church (2014) "Designing robust coverage systems: A maximal covering model considering with geographically varying failure probabilities", Annals of the Association of American Geographers 104(5): 922-938

Tong D. and D. Plane (2014) "New perspectives on delineation of metropolitan and micropolitan statistical areas", Geographical Analysis 46(3): 230-249

Tong D., W.H. Lin and A. Stein (2013) "Integrating the direction effect of traffic into geostatistical approaches for travel time estimation on an urban transportation network", International Journal of ITS Research 11(3): 101-112

Tong D. and A.T. Murray (2012) "Spatial optimization in geography", Annals of the Association of American Geographers. 102(6): 1290-1309

Tong D. and R.L. Church (2012) "Aggregation in Continuous Space Coverage Modeling", International Journal of Geographical Information Science. 26(5): 795-816

Tong D. (2012) "Regional coverage maximization: a new model to account implicitly for complementary coverage", Geographical Analysis 44(1): 1-14

Tong D., F. Ren and J. Mack (2011) "Locating Farmers’ Markets with an incorporation of spatio-temporal variation", Socio-Economic Planning Sciences 46: 149-156

Shillington L. and D. Tong (2011) “Maximizing wireless mesh network coverage”, International Regional Science Review 34(4): 419-437

Tong D., W.H. Lin, J. Mack and D. Mueller (2010) "Accessibility-based multi-criteria analysis for facility siting", Transportation Research Record 2174: 128-137

Tong D., A.T. Murray and N. Xiao (2009) "Heuristic in spatial analysis: a genetic algorithm for coverage maximization", Annals of the Association of American Geographers 99(4): 1-14.

Tong D. and A.T. Murray (2009) "Maximizing coverage of spatial demand for service", Papers in Regional Science 88(1): 85-97.

Tong D., C.J. Merry and B. Coifman (2009) "New perspectives on the use of GPS and GIS to support a highway performance study", Transactions in GIS 13(1): 69-85.


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Contact Information

Daoqin Tong
Associate Professor
Telephone: 520-626-5166
Office: ENR2 S523


2007 Ph.D. Geography, The Ohio State University

2007 M.A.S., Statistics, The Ohiostate Univesity

2004 M.S. Civil Engineering, The Ohio State University

2001 B.S. Civil Engineering, University of Shanghai for S&T, China

Courses Taught

Geog 222 Fundamental Geographic Techniques/Working with Numeric, Spatial, and Visual Data

Geog 458/558 Geography of Transportation

Geog 457/557 Statistical Techniques in Geography and Planning

Geog 553 Advanced Location Analysis

Geog/Math 574G Introduction to Geostatistics

Geog 416C/516C Urban GIS

GIST 602 Introduction to GIST II

Geog 696A Economic Geography