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Interests: political geography, U.S./Mexico border, U.S./Canada border, critical race theory, Science and Technology Studies, gardening

Courses taught:

Geog470: The American Landscape

Geog373/Pol373: Political Geography

Geog 311a: Geography of Mexico

Geog150c1: Environment and Society


Refereed Journal Articles:

Boyce, G. Forthcoming. “The Rugged Border: Surveillance, Policing and the Dynamic Materiality of the U.S./Mexico Frontier” Environment & Planning D: Society and Space

Boyce, G., J. Banister, and J. Slack. 2015. “You and What Army? Violence, the State, and Mexico’s ‘War on Drugs’” Territory, Politics, Governance

Boyce, G., D. Marshall and J. Wilson. 2015. "Concrete Connections? Articulation, Homology and the Political Geography of Boundary Walls" Area

Williams, J. and G. Boyce. 2013. “Fear, Loathing and the Everyday Geopolitics of Encounter in the Arizona Borderlands” Geopolitics 18(4): 895-916

Boyce, G. 2012. “Beyond the Sovereign Gaze” Arizona Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies 1(1): 109-140.

Book Chapters:

Boyce, G. and C. J. Cash. 2013. "Geography, Counterinsurgency, and the 'G-Bomb': the Case of México Indígena" in Williams, K., Messersmith-Glavin, L. and W. Munger (eds.) Life During Wartime: Resisting Counterinsurgency (Oakland: AK Press)

Boyce, G., S. Herr, S. Launius, D. Marshall and M. Vallet [as Borderlands Autonomist Collective]. 2012. “Resisting the Security Industrial Complex: Operation Streamline and the Militarization of the Arizona / Mexico Border” in Burridge, A., J. Lloyd and M. Mitchelson (eds.) Beyond Cages and Walls: Prisons, Borders and Global Crises (Athens, GA: University of Georgia Press)

Scholarly Interventions, Book Reviews, etc.:

Boyce, G. 2014. “Border (In)security and the ‘Unknown Unknown’” Public Political Ecologies Laboratory 14 May 2014

Boyce, G. and J. Williams. 2012. ‘Intervention: Homeland Security and the Precarity of Life in the Borderlands’ 13 December 2012.

Boyce, G., and S. Launius. 2011. “Normalizing Noncompliance: Militarization and Resistance in Southern Arizona” Bad Subjects no. 81

Boyce, G., C. J. Cash, and S. Launius. 2010 “The Art of Not Being Governed: An Anarchist History of Upland Southeast Asia” Antipode 43, no. 4: 1434-36. [book review]



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